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Congregational Church of Salem, Salem, CT

We are a Welcoming and Renewing church emphasizing the sovereignty of God in all things.  We stand apart from most Congregational churches in that all church members adhere to a binding Statement of Faith resting upon the inspiration, infallibility and authority of the Holy Bible as our rule of faith and practice.

We are not ashamed to preach and teach the whole counsel of God as it is found in both the Old and New Testaments (and only there) and which we believe constitute the sum total of God’s spoken revelation to man.  We wholeheartedly affirm both the deity and the humanity of Jesus Christ Who is both Lord and Savior of God’s elect from eternity past.

apple fest

Apple Festival

Our Calling:
to Glorify God…
by Loving God and Loving others;
by being Missional and Making disciples.

Our Purpose: To glorify God by enjoying Him forever.
Our Vision: To remain a Historic Church with a Historic Faith declaring the praises of Him Who called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light.
Our Mission: To proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to every tongue, tribe, people and nation until the Lord returns in glory.

Denominational Affiliations:
The Congregational Church of Salem is an independent Biblical Congregational Church.

Reverend Timothy Dubeau holds standing with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Should you desire to find a church family filled with the love of Christ,
then by all means come by and get to know us.

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Youth Minister search packet: Youth Minister search packet 20160318 (rev. a)

Our latest CrossLinks Church newsletter:June 2016 Vol 15 issue 2

Information and instructions for renting our facilities: Rental Contract & Terms of use (20160722)

Instructions for Baking your Apple Festival Goods: Apple Pie Instructions

 Sacred Sounds Coffee House meets in our Christian Community Center at 249 Hartford Rd, Salem.  Check on this facebook link for the schedule of free live music https://www.facebook.com/sacredsoundscoffeehouse?fref=ts

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